minstrel: Wire Harpers Unite! We have nothing to lose but our nails!

Joan Garner joan_the_harpist1119 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 30 08:49:16 PST 2001

Any other wire types out there?  Periodically I begin
to despair (like today, when I'm about to go drop
another $50 at the manicurists)and give up and just
switch to nylon.  My own nails do not grow (yes I've
tried every helpful hint known to mankind) so I spend
a modest fortune keep silk fakes on. 

Rosamonde, my harp, is a Triplett 20-string cherrywood
lap harp with amazing and wonderful tone (as long as I
can play with nails -- no nails & I'm a silent movie.)

Has anyone out there done much with using harp to
accompany storytelling?  I have a wonderful tape
called "Harper in the Hall" -- available from Sylvia
Woods (www.harpcenter.com).  It's two sisters, I
believe named Zaerr.  One recites the story (Pearl,
Sir Gawain & the Green Knight, etc.) and the other
accompanies on harp.

Joan Hall
"A piano is just a harp in a coffin."

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