minstrel: Another harper intro...

brichard brichard at pdq.net
Fri Nov 30 09:02:59 PST 2001

So far I've seen a couple of harpers introduce themselves, so I thought I'd 
join the fray!

  In the SCA, my name is Tangwistel Telynores (but people just call me 
Telynor).  I live in the shire of Gate's Edge, just outside of the Barony of 
Stargate in Ansteorra (Houston, TX).  I used to live in the Shire of 
Coppertree in Aethelmaerc, but it was still Eastrealm when I lived there 
(Utica, NY) and before that, I lived in the Barony of the Cleftlands, Midrealm 
(Cleveland, OH).

  In addition to music I fence, and am a Cadet of Duke Sir Morguhn Sheridan, 
Don of Fence, from Aethelmearc.

  As far as minstrely goes, I've played Irish traditional music on tin-whistle 
in a non-sca context.  I'd always liked the sound of the Wire Strung harp, 
though, and eventually got one myself.

  I play a 26-string Argent Fox "Lord Ambrosius" wire strung harp.  I play 
with left-hand treble and I pluck with my nails.  My repertoire ranges from 
13th century Spanish Cantigas to Gaelic traditional.

  Some of you may know me from Pennsic.  I have competed in the Knowne World 
Harp competitions for the last few years, and last year I taught and A&S class 
on the history of the Gaelic Wire Strung Harp.

    Telynor, m.k.a. Beth Richard
      Gate's Edge, Ansteorra (Houston, TX)
      brichard at pdq.net

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