minstrel: Introduction time

dglenn at radix.net dglenn at saltmine.radix.net
Fri Nov 30 08:11:30 PST 2001

> So, anybody here from Bright Hills (Baltimore) or at
> least the northern Maryland area?
> Yseulte Trevelyn (the ever-hopeful)

I'm in Bright Hills, though most of my SCA contacts are in
Storvik or Roxebury Mills.  Similar to someone else, I don't
do as much SCA stuff as I'd like any more, partly due to 
being busy with outside bands -- these days I'm lucky to get
to two feasts a year outside of Pennsic, but I'd like to do
more if I can figure out how to schedule it.


					-- Arthur D'Glenn
					   mka D. Glenn Arthur Jr.

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