minstrel: Introduction time

Karen Setze brunosharpy at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 30 07:17:38 PST 2001

Joan's comments have provoked another student of the
harpist to step out of the shadows!

I am currently aspiring to inspire more musical
activity in the Barony of Bright Hills, Atlantia. The
irony is, I'm not the most learned or gifted of
musicians (dogged amateur, perhaps) but I do miss my
jamming buddies, Lady Melody MacGregor and Lord Gerold
(how silly, I can't recall his surname, but I'll never
forget his genius on wooden flute!), both of the
Canton of Westgate and Barony of The Stargate in

Most of my harping has been done at SCA events, the
Texas Renaissance Festival (in the SCA's booth), at
church and a few friends' weddings. I've also told a
tale or two and dabbled with poetry.

So, anybody here from Bright Hills (Baltimore) or at
least the northern Maryland area?

Yseulte Trevelyn (the ever-hopeful)

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