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Rachel, Sasha and Stormy Blues gypsyfiddler at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 29 23:32:28 PST 2001

Well since we are doing intros I'll join into that!  I'm old SCA from about 10 years ago, but I got out of it and am so far only dabbling in my return...my real life and performing tend to take up most of my time and so far the main events I've been to are Ren Faires that have hired the band I'm in.  

Mundane name Rachel, old SCA name I prefer to forget...new one, gosh I can't decide yet...too many wonderful choices.

I'm no Medieval music specialist though I'd love to be.  My training is all classical performance on violin, viola, piano and a bit of guitar as well.  I've since added mandolin and a bit of accordian.

My band is very eclectic, the short description is "Celtic" or even "Irish" but it is ever-so-much-more than that.  If it is all right, and if you have the time, please investigate our website www.strangewoods.com  and some of you may be familiar with what is sort of our "sister Band" Golden Bough (we share family members)....some of you may even have known our band in its original configuration and name which was The Paradise Street Band.

I am in the Kingdom of Caid, Barony of Calafia otherwise known as San Diego, California

I have an interest in the Bouzouki (spelling) and recently have fallen in love with a Turkish instrument called the Saz.  actually I rather love all stringed instruments!

I also have very very big dogs but that's another story.

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