minstrel: Catches and Rounds (was Merry Wives of Windsor)

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We used to sing Celia on the Spinnet.  I'm typing out the words below.
If you think it would fit your play, let me know and I'll see what I can
do about searching through my music for the actual notes.  I've been
told that when playing on the spinnet you do a lot of little trills
(shake it) rather than just sustain the note. (long prick)

When Celia was learning on the spinnet to play
Her tutor stood by her to show her, to show her,
To show her, to show her the way.

She shook not the note, which angered him much
and made him, and made him cry "Zounds! Tis a long prick,
a long prick, a long prick'd note you touch.'

Surprised was the lady to hear him complain
And said, and said and said "I will shake it. I will shake it
when I come to it again."

The song is sung by at least three people.  When all three verses are
going in round fashion, you get

"To show her, a long prick, I will shake it."

I've heard another song like this about a tailor measuring a mantle. I
remember the first verse but not the rest. Here it is to help you in
your search through resources.

Tom making a mantel for a lass of leisure
Pulled out, pulled out, pulled out his long,
his long and lawful measure

Martha S.
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