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Hello All,
I hope I'm not asking a FAQ, with this posting.  
We're mounting a Merry Wives of Windsor here in Juneau, and are seeking a
few good catches and roundes to carry the action.  (The catch/round concept
is important).  I've found much Ravenscroft on the web, but I'm feeling
overwhelmed.  Rather than hoping to stumble on the diamonds, which might
known as standard chestnuts to those experienced on this list, I thought I'd
request some advice, and see what I can get.  Seems better to ask you (all)
of your favorites, and see what cream might rise to the top.
1)  topics up for grabs in the music, if you haven't read merry wives
lately:  tavern scenes, going to the heath (for a duel and also for
lovemaking), miserliness, mistaken self-importance, jealousy, and etc.
2)  As I understand it, a catch is like a round, but the text that is heard
when the lines are overlaid, can be, at times, ... ahem ..., surprisingly
3)  Our singers are at least fair, and some excellent, with opportunities
for some instrumental accompaniment (recorders, whistles, (guitars, if
necessary), and perhaps even a hurdy gurdy).  Although the cast could
probably mount a fair madrigal type of performance, this should feel more
improvised, spontaneous, and earthy.
4)  If you've had a wonderful theatrical experience, either performing or in
the audience, with a particular tune, let me know about that too, okay?
Thanks, all.
What a delight to hit upon the SCA Minstrel Homepage.  I can see there's a
trove there, I'll be checking it out as I have time.
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