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Stephen Fryer sfryer at prcn.org
Wed Sep 19 21:40:50 PDT 2001

The following message seemed of potential interest to False isle.

Stephen of Hunmanby
Chronicler, Shire of False Isle

Lillianne d'Escargot wrote:
> Greetings to the great people of Insula Magna!
> I have a plea for help which is important to the shire of Hartwood and rest
> of the island (and False Isle too!)
> We are in the process of planning an ithra here in Hartwood for the spring
> of 2002. We have been VERY lucky to have found a site for this ithra through
> a member here who has close ties with the school in question. The site is
> inexpensive and perfect  as it is right across the street from our archery
> range! This school has no idea what the sca is all about and we have decided
> to have a demo to show them with a hands on approach.
> We plan on setting up stations showing our prowess in embroidery,
> calligraphy, archery (since the range is right next door), among other
> things. Bring your projects to show off! We NEED  FIGHTERS both heavy and
> light!! As many of you know, we are a small shire with few persons who *do*
> the fighting thing ( tho there are many of us who wish to begin these
> practices) and we know how much school kids love to see these wonderful
> showy lords and ladies. We NEED dancers too! During the meal, or shortly
> afterwards, we would like to do some English country dance for
> entertainment.
> This is the PLEA I am making on behalf of Hartwood for everyone who is NOT
> going to the Baronial Banquet in Lions Gate on October 20 to come to our
> demo. This will take place from 10 am to 1 pmish and there will be a pot
> luck lunch as well (plans for this will be made clearer in the near future)
> The site is Beacon Christian School in Nanoose. (better directions will be
> posted soon)  I would never ask or assume that any of you change your plans
> to go to the Baronial banquet in Lions Gate to come to this demo  BUT I am
> sure there are some who are staying on the island.
> As well, Ravenskey is planning a pot luck Harvest Feast starting at 4:30 the
> same afternoon and many of us Hartwoodians plan on taking the short 1 hour
> drive to attend. Supporting this incipient shire is a GOOD thing - wouldn't
> you like to come?
> Doesn't this sound like a great day for the northern part of the island??
> Wouldn't you feel good supporting the plans for an ithra which will benefit
> everyone? How about finally getting to a pot luck feast which will fill your
> tummy and make your feet tired with all the dancing?? If all this sounds
> good and  you plan on attending, pack your feast gear, your dancing shoes,
> your garb AND whatever particular interest happens to be and COME help us
> out on this endeavor.
> Call me - Lillianne   250-758-8976 or e-mail (penelope.a at home.com) for more
> details *or* they will be posted soon so you can print them off so you won't
> get lost. If you have any particular speciality which is not covered in our
> stations, I know we
> can make room for you!!
> Hoping to hear from you soon!
> YIS,
> Lillianne d'Escargot
> Exchequer  Shire of Hartwood

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