minstrel: hello

Janet Parish-Whittaker janetpw at compuserve.com
Sun Aug 26 17:54:12 PDT 2001

Hi, my name is David Parish-Whittaker and I just signed up for the minstrel
list, so I thought I'd introduce
myself.  I mostly play wire harp, although I double on guitarra latina (per
Cantigas) and shawm.  As you might
expect from that, I'm a big fan of ren and medieval music, with an
occasional foray into traditonal Celtic.
Although I'm not currently  active in the SCA, a recent vacation at Pennsic
War got me tremendously
excited by the level of musicianship in your organization.  The chance to
hear the tunes played in the
environment for which they were written was a definate 10 out of 10 on the
coolness index.

Anyway, hope I'm formatting this message properly.  This is my first email
list ever (I confess to being a
bit of a Luddite), so if anyone has any advice, go to!

-Dave Parish-Whittaker
Solana Beach, CA

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