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A Performer's Guide to Medieval Music 
Edited by Ross W. Duffin 

An engrossing collection by major performers and
Cloth  0-253-33752-6     $44.95

 Individual chapters treat chant,  organum, motet and
cantilena, the polyphonic mass ordinary,
non-liturgical monophony (in general and in 8 separate
traditions), 4 lyric forms after 1300, and liturgical
and vernacular drama. Another 13 chapters address
particular  instruments or groups of instruments,
followed by treatments on performance practice, 5
chapters on theory (including musica ficta, notation,
and tuning), with a bibliography. 

Contributors:  Elizabeth Aubrey, Benjamin Bagby,
Alexander Blachly, Charles E. Brewer, Judith R. Cohen,
Lucy  Cross, Julie Cumming, Ross Duffin, Pedro Manuel
Ferreira, Cheryl Ann Fulton, Adam Gilbert, Robert
Green, Hubert Heinen, Paul Hillier, Sterling Jones,
David Klausner, William P. Mahrt, Kimberly Marshall,
Ralf Mattes, Peter Maund, Timothy J. McGee, Herbert W.
Myers, Alejandro Planchart, Lawrence Rosenwald, Mary
Springfels, Barbara Thornton, Margriet Tindemans,
Blake Wilson, Crawford Young 

Ross W. Duffin is Fynette H. Kulas Professor of Music
at Case Western Reserve University. 

Published in cooperation with Early Music America 

Publications of the Early Music Institute—Thomas A.
Binkley, founding editor; Paul Hillier, general

Publication date: March 2000 Specs: 640 pages, 6 1/8 x
9 1/4 

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