minstrel: Question for harpers...

tibicen at mixolydian.org tibicen at mixolydian.org
Fri Aug 3 16:29:02 PDT 2001

To answer a flurry of questions:

1) Binding will be comb bound, so the damn thing will lay flat on a
music stand.  The duets will be facing page.

2) No, none (to my knowledge) are songs with words.  Sorry.

3) I'm going to be camped with House Quacheri (pronounced kwa-KEHR-ee)
up on Old Tuchux Hill (inshallah!).  I will either have actual copies
of the book or proofs of some of the pieces, that people can examine.
Morning is a good time to find me in camp, but before 10am I am
usually surly and dangerous and not very alert.  If I actually produce
some books, some will be with a Major Harp Vendor While Supplies
Last. :)

-- Tibicen

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