minstrel: Question for harpers...

tibicen at mixolydian.org tibicen at mixolydian.org
Fri Aug 3 13:14:34 PDT 2001

So, I am feverishly working on a project which I *might* have done for
Pennsic: a book of sheet music for harps-that-cant-change-accidentals-
in-the-middle-of-a-piece.  All of the music is from a single source,
from 1551 AD, and I've arranged them for solo harp, and thrown in a
bunch of duet versions, too (two harps).  Mostly intermediate level
difficulty, but with definite use for both beginners and advanced
players.  Over 20 pieces (plus duets), mostly pretty short.

What is the demand for such a thing?  I'm thinking of selling the book
for $9ea.  Who all would be potentially interested in buying one
(presumably folks would want to look at it before deciding)?  I am
cash poor right now, so I don't know how many I might afford to make
to bring to Pennsic (presuming I get it done in time -- AHHHH!).

-- Tibicen

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