minstrel: Entertainers Wanted for Estrella War XVIII

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Mon Jul 2 21:02:49 PDT 2001

Entertainers Wanted for Estrella War XVIII
(A Mime is a terrible thing to waste)

February 13-17, 2002
Let all Singers, Musicians, Dancers, Jugglers, Actors, Puppeteers, 
Company of Players, Heralds, Bards, Clowns, Balloon Animal Artists, 
Performers of all kinds..yes, even Mimes.... know that your services 
are needed at ESTRELLA WAR XVIII.  We need your talents on Stage, at 
Merchant's Row, Troll and through out the War.
This is your opportunity to share the Dream and bring a smile to a 
child's face.
You will have a opportunity to `pass the hat' and sale your tape or CD
Scheduling is taking place now!!!
Please contact off List
For more information please contact: 
The Entertainment Autocrat
Lady Eden Blacksmith
Sonja Boroughf 1730 Gates Ave Kingman, AZ 86401
edenblacksmith at usa.net
entertainmentatestrella at yahoo.com
Share the Dream

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