minstrel: pennsic xxx > any minstrels interested in bartering?

vincent aluric at bestweb.net
Thu Jun 28 17:27:29 PDT 2001

Pardon this rude interruption

But after a lot of consideration in a desire to arrange things in advance of
the war

please consider this

I am seeking competent individuals to provide light entertainment (not
necessarily period specific)

for a small gathering / dinner party on the Wednesday August 15th of the

Having promised the invited guests that I would not be the evenings

   I find I am obligated to honour my promise....  thus ....

I will barter for nearly anything from food and drink to out right cash

If interested please contact me directly at: aluric at bestweb.net

	Groups welcome;
 		as there is no specific agenda
		 or requirements beyond a fun evening for any and all.

This is in no way to be construed as a promise nor guarantee of contracted
arrangements, and is not an event sanctioned by any other member of the
DeLondress Household, nor other member or official of those involved with
preparations for war.

    More details will be provided once contact is made.

Thank you

 and again

 please pardon me if this way out of bounds or in poor taste.....

yours in service



Aetheluric Lundonie
 ( freelance Troubadour and concertina player
 ( member of the house DeLondress - one of the finest brewers of mead and
stouts in the east)
	(makers of the infamous  "Lingenberry Mead")

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