minstrel: Looking for music for a song

Jan McEwen jmcewen at hawaii.edu
Tue Jun 19 15:25:32 PDT 2001

A friend of mine (I'm pretty sure she is not on this list) sent the
following request to our local group.  Does anyone have an idea?  Thanks!

=09Catriona Stewart
=09Western Seas, Caid

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From: Zaffbryan at aol.com

I heard a song that I want to learn. And was seaching for the words and
translation.  This is all I have found so far.  Does any one have all the
words and possibly sheet music? The title on my CD is "Ayo visto lo

Here is the site, which is about period maps (mappa)

The fragment of poetry that introduce this page consists of two verses from=
song which was very popular at the Aragonese court of Naples in 1450. Writt=
by an Italian (anonymous),

Io ho visto il mappamondo
E la carta di navigazione,
Ma Sicilia tu mi appari
La pi=F9 bella di questo mondo.
Ci sono tre Sicilie, non pi=F9;
Tutte e tre sono incoronate:
Due le ha Re Alsonso,
Citrafaro ed Ultrafaro;
La terza =E8 nel calendario;
Non si parla della quarta,
Che non si trova sulla carta,
E' venuta dall'altro mondo

I have seen the Globe map
And the chart of navigation,
But Sicily you appear to me
The most beautiful in this world.
Three Sicilies are there, no more,
All three of them are crowned:
Two belong to Re Alfonso,
Citrafaro and Ultrafaro;
The third one is on the calendar.
One does not speak of the fourth one,Which cannot be found on the chart,
She came from the other world.

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