minstrel: A small bardic Mess-cellany

Corrie Bergeron corrie at itasca.net
Thu Jun 14 11:44:28 PDT 2001

For them what might be interested, I've updated my collection of bardic bits
a bit.  Lots more to do, of course, if I can ever unearth my files.

I've also added some MP3 files taken from my debut album (back in AS XX or
so), "Favorite Songs of Ansteorra."

Considering they were recorded over fifteen years ago, they've held up
pretty well.  Maybe some day I'll re-record the whole shebang.

Brendan O Corraidhe, OW, HH, CIM, OST, MoSS, LYLYW

Corrie Bergeron, Jr.
"An educated mind is useless without a focused will,
and dangerous without a loving heart." - W.M. Deijmann
corrie at itasca.net

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