minstrel: Prose, Poetry, and Players at Pennsic

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Wed May 30 11:52:55 PDT 2001

>From my dear husband:
Greetings to the performers and writers of the Known World from Lord Alan

An exhibition of poetry, prose, and players will be held at Pennsic XXX on
Wednesday, August 15, from 1PM to 5PM in the Performing Arts tent.  This will 
be an opportunity for poets, storytellers, and dramatists to perform in front 
of an audience and receive comments on their work from some of the best 
performers in the Known World.

The day will consist of an "open stage," where all are invited to display
their talents before an audience, and of a table with written works of 
poetry, prose, and drama.  Those who come to perform or drop off texts may 
opt to receive feedback on their performance from those present--we are 
working to ensure that a number of expert performers and writers will be 
present to assist those who attend.  We encourage performers to bring written 
copies of 
their performance texts, but writers are also welcome to simply drop off
poems for comment without performing them.

No registration is necessary--stage time will be given on a first-come,
first-served basis.  If necessary, we may ask that performances be limited in 
time (to no less than 10 minutes) to accomodate all who wish to take part.  
Those who wish to perform may stop by at or shortly before.

Light refreshments will be available during the course of the afternoon.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Your servant,
Alan Fairfax
atterlep at cs.com

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