minstrel: Erhm..... RE: EKBards mailing list

C&HWood linette at epix.net
Mon May 7 09:56:13 PDT 2001

Greetiings from Linette de Gallardon!

I'm gratified to see that several of those who received my previous post on 
joining the EKBards elist have already signed up.

Unfortunately, I am now experiencing a glitch, and apparently cannot post 
to the EKBards list.  I am a member, and the list isn't moderated, and I 
post successfully to other Yahoogroups, so I don't know what the holdup 
is.  I have emails in to Yahoogroups and to the moderator, Brother 
Dankwert.  Hopefully things will be cleared up soon and we can start 
discussing topics of interest.

Could someone who has recently signed up attempt to post to the EKBards 
list, just to check that it's not a universal problem but rather limited 
only to me?  Thanks!

And, um, Robin, I think it's possible we may be exploring the East Kingdom 
server elist capabilities sooner rather than later.....


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