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Steven Singer couturework at yahoo.com
Wed May 2 17:42:28 PDT 2001

In The Service Of Master John Lyttleton

John Lyttleton(mundanely Ken Anders), Laurel of the
Eastern Kingdom in the Bardic Arts, has served the SCA
with conviction, chivalry, and honor.  Furthermore, he
educates and entertains, doing so with an astounding
ethical charm.  It is time that all of us touched by
his graces come together to reciprocate them.

Starting at Pennsic XXX, I will be merchanting various
items that I have made or otherwise acquired, and the
revenues put forth to record an album of period/period
style music performed by Mstr. Lyttleton.  I make a
plea to all of you to support this cause. You can do
so by donating any sellable items. Any merchandise
that brings in $40 or any outright donation of $40
will ensure you a CD upon completion.  I will be
accepting donations from now throught the end of
Pennsic (8/19/01). The album will also be pre-sold for
$15.    At the war I can be found at House Meddlesome
Dragon (E17), and at the merchant Celtic Cultures, who
has generously given us the space.  They should be
patronized for their good will.

Take forward this announcement and share it with all
whether it be by mass email, billboard, or word of
mouth.  The success of this undertaking depends on us
doing so.  Let us pull together as a force to ensure
the continuance of the essence of the SCA and that of
all humanity.

By all means, contact me in reference to any of this.

(though not a master nor king)
Master Blah King of the Chicken People
Steven Singer
couturework at yahoo.com

"Fashion is what goes out of fashion"  Coco Chanel

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