minstrel: Medieval/Renaissance harp plans?

Janneke den Draak j.dendraak at planet.nl
Tue May 1 13:13:52 PDT 2001

Yes, thank you, but when I compare this design to what I see in paintings or
on historical harp sites.... it looks rather 'folky' to me. More like a folk
harp with a gothic style harmonic curve.

I wonder how much research they did into Gothic harps. They have no
pretensions to sell plans for a historically accurate Gothic harp, though,
so that's absolutely fine with me.

I'll consider it, perhaps alter the soundbox to make it seem more accurate.
Will definately consider that. Thanks dor pointing me in that direction, I
had already  discarded their plans, unjustly.

Thanks again,
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Van: Seabrook, Richard [mailto:rhseabrook at mail.aacc.cc.md.us]
Verzonden: woensdag 2 mei 2001 0:16
Aan: Janneke den Draak
Onderwerp: Re: minstrel: Medieval/Renaissance harp plans?

You might think about the 31-string gothic harp kit from Musicmaker's Kits
at http://www.musikit.com
They have other kits as well, but I tend to prefer gothics over celtics...
Dick S.

At 08:07 PM 5/1/01 +0200, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>Please let me introduce myself since I haven't posted on this list before,
>though I have been lurking for a while.
>My name is Janneke, I'm from the Netherlands. Recently I completed making
>own harp, a 26 string folk harp. I'd like to start working on a period harp
>now, but I'm looking for plans/drawings etc. to work from. Does anyone of
>you have such a plan or a place where they can be purchased? I'm aware of
>the fact that there are several museums that have plans on microfiche, so
>that hint is already under consideration.
>I'd prefer on something that goes with someones experience that the harp
>will turn out nicely and is of sound construction. There can be hundreds of
>pounds of tension on a harp and a construction error can have spectacular
>Hopefully one/some of you can point me in the right direction. So far, on
>the web, I've seen period-type harps for sale, but no plans.

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