minstrel: re modes, old flute

Corrie Bergeron corrie at itasca.net
Sun Mar 18 17:23:56 PST 2001

>...an old flute that played in Dorian...

I'm not professionally trained in music theory, but wouldn't any diatonic
instrument be able to play a Dorian mode?  For example, I have a dulcimer
with diatonic frets (W W H W W H W W W H W W H W W W H).  IOW I can't
play a chromatic scale, but depending on how I tension the strings I could
play in any mode, right?  You can't tune a flute (that's why pennywhistles
come in different sizes) but a mode is just a diatonic scale - the white
keys on the piano.  Ionian is C major - the white keys starting on
C.  Its wholestep/halfstep pattern is W W H W W W H.  Dorian is the same
notes but starting on D - D E F G A B C D - the wholestep/halfstep pattern
is W H W W W H W.  It's just a different segment of the diatonic scale.  

Corrie / Brendan

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