minstrel: Musicians Requested for Terpsichore VII

katyk at umich.edu katyk at umich.edu
Mon Mar 12 06:15:09 PST 2001

Attention Midrealm Musicians-

The Barony of Cynnabar humbly requests that you consider attending 
Terpsichore at the Tower (April 14), one of the Midrealm's preeminent dance 
events.  The hallmark of this event is always the evening ball, 
traditionally danced to live music.  Accordingly, all such musicians able 
to perform at the ball are welcome to attend and perform- you service will 
be greatly appreciated by all in attendance at the event.  Practice space 
will be provided during the daytime, as well as all necessary sheet music 
(although you are certainly encouraged to bring any music that you have). 
Please direct all inquiries and reservations to our music coordinator, Sir 
Martel Slugslayer, at 734-623-7635 or rmbrett at earthlink.net.  Please 
include your name, e-mail, regular address and instrument in your reply.

Thank you very kindly for considering attending this event.

Herrin Elsa von Heilbronn

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