minstrel: Angelus ad Virginem

Corwen Ap Broch wildmanofthewoods at yahoo.ca
Sun Mar 11 09:41:30 PST 2001


Does anyone out there have the words for this? I have found
sheet music and midi files on the net but can't find lyrics.
Lyric searches are frustrated by the 'Angelus Bell' line in a
certain Irish tune! I have heard Angelus ad Virginem (also
known as 'The Angel to the Virgin came' and 'Gabriel from
Heven King sent') both in Old English and Latin and would
love lyrics in either language.

I just can't get the tune out of my head and I need to learn
it before it drives me mad!

Cheers all


Corwen ap Broch
Stiltwalker, percussionist,penny whistle/low whistle didjeridu player. Available for gigs!
Brighter than the heavenly stars are the infinite eyes that night has opened within us. (Novalis)

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