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Solomon Matisoff SolomonM at asta-engineering.com
Mon Feb 19 07:23:18 PST 2001

Good Morning,

I have used NoteWorthy with both the "Layered Staff" and "Chording" methods.
I find that the chording methods that Constance rightly suggests are too
constrictive for the more complex works such as the madrigels, and that it
is worth the extra effort to make duplicate lines for "layered."  (It is
also better for making training tapes for members of your group if they
don't read music; NoteWorthy allows you to play one staff at a time, but not
split out notes from a chord.)  

There are two tricks that I have noticed.  
First: Work with the "Allow layering" off.  Otherwise you can't see the
separated staves to work on.  (The switch is located from the menu
"File/Page Setup" on the Contents tab.  Set the upper of the staves to
"Layer with Next Staff" (you can layer as many as you want) from the menu
"Staff/Staff Properties" and check the box in the Visual tab.  Switch the
layering on/off just before printing & check for allignment of notes and
tail direction, but that's easy.

Second: you must enter the top-most line first, as NoteWorthy will not play
a lower staff if there is nothing on the top-most staff.  (A trouble to me
as I normally enter the bass before the soprano.  I'm a bass; go figure.)

Best luck

Solomon Gerdawr

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