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ConstanceFairfax at cs.com ConstanceFairfax at cs.com
Sat Feb 17 19:13:44 PST 2001

I think I can help you with all of these...if "Walking in a Meadow Green" has 
a tune (I have the book but haven't referenced the tune.  If it doesn't, I 
can find you a period one that fits.

I have Pills as well, and if you can wait until I get back from vacation 
March 4, I'd be happy to get you the info.


In a message dated 2/17/01 9:06:02 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
ponygirl at gs.verio.net writes:

> Thank you to the people who have offered their help.  I am mainly looking 
>  guitar chords to several songs I have heard from Wit and Mirth: Pills to 
> Purge
>  Melancholy.  It's a collection of humorous ballads collected by Thomas D'
> Urfey
>  (late 1600-early 1700).  The songs are
>  Cold and Raw (The Farmers Daughter)
>  The Irish Jig (The Night Ramble)
>  My Thing is My Own
>  When First Amyntas sued For a Kiss
>  I am also looking for music to "Walking in a meadow greene", which is in 
> Bishop
>  Percy's Folio MS.  Does anyone know any of these songs?  Any help will be 
> greatly
>  appreciated.
>  Richenda

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