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> > << Greetings, all.  Does anyone know the proper modern
> > tuning for a mandolin? 
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> > GDAE, from lowest to highest.  
> > Aye,
> > Eogan

Yeah thats the most prevalent tuning, being the same as a
 fiddle, but I have had a lot of fun over the years with
 alternative ones, ADAD and GDGD being very cool, and the
 bouzouki tuning GDAD quite good.
  All these have been used as fiddle tunings before
 in the world, and once you have got used to the new scales
 are wonderful for playing tunes as they give you great
 possibilities for drone accompaniments, a little like
 in G/G minor or D/D minor on a normally tuned mandolin,
 Among the traveller/protest community in UK GDGD has become
 the normal way to tune a mandolin, influenced by bands like
 Spacegoats, Dragonfly and Tragick Roundabout. Somehow its a
 very pagan sound.
 Have fun

Corwen ap Broch
Stiltwalker, percussionist,penny whistle/low whistle didjeridu player. Available for gigs!
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