minstrel: Tourdion

Jennifer Friedman jfriedmn at pressenter.com
Fri Feb 16 16:20:30 PST 2001

Unless it was all just a dream, I think someone was asking for lyrics to
the dance song _Tourdion_ recently.  Well, if you can interpret sung French
better than I can (my ear was never my strong point in languages), you can
listen to a nice performance by a Turkish choir called the Galata Chamber
Choir at:


There is also a MIDI file, but the RealAudio one is the actual recording of
the choir singing the piece.  It's a pretty good choir too (check out their
_Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie_ and _Il Est Bel Et Bon_, a little heavy but
solidly done).

I haven't really looked for the lyrics anywhere, I just happened upon this
while looking for something else, and it rang a bell.  Hope this helps.


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