minstrel: "Tourdion" lyrics?

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Thu Feb 15 11:22:05 PST 2001

> I was priviledged to be at the An Tir Kingdom 12th night last month,
> and during the dancing, there was a familiar tune, with new (to me)=20
> lyrics, which the dancers sang while dancing.  I've known the tune
> forever, but hadn't heard lyrics for it before, and i'd love to learn
> them.  Our local dance group doesn't know them, so i'm hoping somebody
> on the list does.

Arbeau says that the Tourdion is a fast galliard. I'd be amazed if
anyone could sing while dancing a dance that athletic. Singing while
dancing doesn't seem to have been done, though, after the carol died
out as a dance -- but it's extremely common for music used for dancing
to have one or more sets of lyrics.

Arbeau gives at least one tune for the Tourdion in his dance manual,
which probably has lyrics.

-- Gregory Blount

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