minstrel: "Tourdion" lyrics?

Eric Reiswig ereiswig at bc1.com
Wed Feb 14 21:15:46 PST 2001

Hi all,

This is my first post to the list, so i'll start out with a brief 

I'm pretty much a newbie to the SCA, but i'm a longtime (for me, 
anyway) player of folk & early music.  My SCA persona is late-
period Flemish; i draw mainly from Bruegel's and contemporaries'
depictions of pipers and associated revelry.  In both the SCA and 
mundane life, i'm inspired by all kinds of instruments, especially 
bagpipes of various kinds.  I'm currently tooling up my workshop 
to start making bagpipes & other woodwinds, both period & modern.
I also play cittern and related instruments.

* * *


I was priviledged to be at the An Tir Kingdom 12th night last month,
and during the dancing, there was a familiar tune, with new (to me) 
lyrics, which the dancers sang while dancing.  I've known the tune
forever, but hadn't heard lyrics for it before, and i'd love to learn
them.  Our local dance group doesn't know them, so i'm hoping somebody
on the list does.

The tune is called "Tourdion," and is apparently also known in SCA 
circles as the "seasick dance."  :)  I've found a set of lyrics on the
net that start out:

Quand je bois du vin clairet
Ami tout tourne, tourne, tourne, tourne
Aussi désormais je bois Anjou ou Arbois

Does anyone know if these are the words sung in SCA dancing?


Eric de Bourdon
(Barony of Seagirt)

Eric Reiswig                         ereiswig at bc1.com
Victoria, BC, Canada
Instrument building page:            http://www.bc1.com/users/ereiswig 
Banquo Folk & Early Music Ensemble:  http://www.bc1.com/users/banquo

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