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At 20:03 17/01/01 -0500, Taliesin of Earthstar <taliesin_o at juno.com> wrote:
>On Wed, 17 Jan 2001 20:09:27 +0000 Blue <barddance at crosswinds.net>
> >
> > I hardly feel a list devoted to members of the SCA should
> > pass judgement on "post period inventions" of any sort.
>If I may make an observation here.
>In as much as Y Tylwyth Teg has claimed knowledge of "in period" Bardic
>practice (as a subset of Druidic practice, since they do make some claims
>there), I don't see a conflict _within this group_, anymore than I would
>object to a discussion of why, for example, Iolo Morgannwg's work is
>wonderful -- but NON-period -- poetry. I quite agree that perhaps the
>dismissal of OBOD may have been a bit premature or sweeping, as they make
>no such claims.

Discussion in terms of non-period or non-accurate matters i agree with yuo, 
is well within the SCA purview: I'm pleased you saw my point about casting 
OBOD in the same light. Right or wrong as their approach may be, it seemed 
unfair to castigate them for something they very much do not claim to be. 
Glad we're on the same wavelength here :)

>But for Y Tylwyth Teg -- there are blatant and explicit claims of "direct
>descent of practice." Were I, as a novice "bard wannabe," to blindly
>accept those claims, it could seriously affect the accuracy of my

i agree completely, perhaps my snipping was at fault, i have no personal 
knowledge of Y Tylwyth Teg so did not mean to defend or attack them in any 
way. It was OBOD i was referring to. OBOD aren't perfect by any means but 
at least make no false claims that may fool the unwary...

> > As
> > with any information about matters poorly documented, about
> > which much has been invented, take everything with a pinch
> > of salt, indeed, a large shovelful where necessary.
>Wise advice, indeed! (I don't know about you, but I'm buying stock in the
>salt-mines <g>.)

Heehee, very wise move!


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