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Wed Jan 17 17:03:45 PST 2001

On Wed, 17 Jan 2001 20:09:27 +0000 Blue <barddance at crosswinds.net>
> I hardly feel a list devoted to members of the SCA should 
> pass judgement on "post period inventions" of any sort. 

If I may make an observation here.

In as much as Y Tylwyth Teg has claimed knowledge of "in period" Bardic
practice (as a subset of Druidic practice, since they do make some claims
there), I don't see a conflict _within this group_, anymore than I would
object to a discussion of why, for example, Iolo Morgannwg's work is
wonderful -- but NON-period -- poetry. I quite agree that perhaps the
dismissal of OBOD may have been a bit premature or sweeping, as they make
no such claims.

But for Y Tylwyth Teg -- there are blatant and explicit claims of "direct
descent of practice." Were I, as a novice "bard wannabe," to blindly
accept those claims, it could seriously affect the accuracy of my

> As 
> with any information about matters poorly documented, about 
> which much has been invented, take everything with a pinch 
> of salt, indeed, a large shovelful where necessary.

Wise advice, indeed! (I don't know about you, but I'm buying stock in the
salt-mines <g>.)

Justin W. Eiler / Madog Hir of Aire Faucon
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