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Wed Jan 17 17:04:04 PST 2001

On Wed, 17 Jan 2001 11:37:32 -0500 "Myra Hope Bobbitt"
<mhbobbitt at hotmail.com> writes:
> Milord Taliesin,
> Have you come across the web site for the Order of Bards, 
> Ovates, and Druids? 

I have seen their web-site, and have a great deal of respect for them --
an honest reconstruction based on what (relatively little) is know,
creativity for what is not, and a clear distinction of the two. They do
offer a correspondance course -- I don't know about a bibliography, _per
se_ -- but have not seen a bibliography on their web-site.

>  Another source might be the Welsh wiccan organization 
> Y Tylwyth Teg, which has a lot of source material on the 
> web.

I have some <diplomatic pause> reservations about Y Tylwyth Teg. Their
claims of lineage and historicity put some strain on my "belief meter",
and some of their listed sources are less than credible. And I also have
some ethical reservations about some of their published material on the
'Web (but I'm also straying a bit off topic, so perhaps I'll close my
statements there).
> The specific study list you mention is familiar.  I have it in a 
> notebook from college -- will investigate when I get home.

Great -- and thank you.

Justin W. Eiler / Madog Hir of Aire Faucon
taliesin_o <AT> juno.com

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