minstrel: Lap Harps

Tim Connor timcon at flash.net
Mon Jan 15 21:17:43 PST 2001

The techniques Joseph describes are similar to those given by Andrew Lawrence-King
in his book "Der Harpffenschlager" (the only book I know of on early harp
technique).  They are very different from modern harp technique, and will probably
horrify most harp teachers.  However, Lawrence-King is the preeminent performer of
early music for the harp, so I'm willing to believe he knows what he's talking

His book is not distributed in the US, but you can order it from the publisher in

Clifford Bartlett
Redcroft, Banks End
Wyton, Huntingdon   PE28 2AA

You can just give a credit card number and they will charge it.  With shipping, it
came to 7.49 (pounds sterling), which is about $11.25.  It's not a large or lavish
book, and it doesn't have a lot of songs in it, but it does give a clear
explanation of early technique and its rationale.

Lawrence-King also has a web site, with suggestions about choosing a harp for
early music.  I don't have the URL handy, but if you search "Andrew Lawrence-King"
it should come up.

Tadhg O Cuileannain

Taliesin of Earthstar wrote:

> On Sat, 13 Jan 2001 17:23:54 +1100 "Katie harwood"
> <darkangelsdoom at hotmail.com> writes:
> > And does anyone know where i can pick up some online hints on
> > learning to play?
> I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the tecniques he describes (I'm not a
> harpist), but Joe Bethancourt / Master Ioseph of Locksley has an "EZ-Harp
> Method" on his web-site. I don't know the exact URL, but it's listed from
> his main page at www.locksley.com. And if I'm not mistaken, there's also
> a "web-ring" of harp-oriented pages -- again, however, I don't know the
> URL, but Ioseph's pages may have a link.

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