minstrel: Pennsic music class suggestions requested

ConstanceFairfax at cs.com ConstanceFairfax at cs.com
Mon Jan 15 09:34:03 PST 2001

Hello all....

You may remember me from such Pennsic classes as "Broadside Ballads" and 
"16th Century English Secular Song"....


I'm getting my class list together and (as always) am interested in any 
comment (negative or positive) on any aspect of any of my classes that you 
might have attended.
I am also EXTREMELY interested in hearing any requests/wishes you may have 
for classes which have gone untaught.  I am happy to "farm out" the classes 
if I can't teach them or if there are tooo many.....

Constance Fairfax

P.S.  Here's last year's class listing:
Broadside Ballads:  A survey of 16c broadside ballads and their tunes.  
Includes hints on researching and performing ballads.  YOu will learn several 
ballads and receive a packet with facsimilies of period sources.  $1

Fourteenth Century France:  Chaos, Plague, War, and the Ars Nova:  A Survey 
of the secular music of Guillaume de Machaut (1300-1377) and its effect upon 
the war-torn and plague ravaged people of Europe.

Medieval English Secular Song:  A tour of English solo and group song from 
the 13th to 15th centuries.  You will receive a song packet and learn several 
songs.  Includes discussion of when, why, and how people sang plus a deeper 
look at the meaning of the lyrics.

Period Vocal Style:  A "master class" in which students will work toward a 
late-period vocal style.  Class is for beginning-to advanced student and 
includes projection, tone, and style.

Popular 16th Century Song:  A tour of 16th century English solo song with 
emphasis on the fun and bawdy.  You will receive a song packet and learn 
several songs.  Discussion includes when, why, and how people sang, as well 
as a deeper look at the meaning of the lyrics.
Outside of Pennsic, I teach similar classes entilted "Period songs that are 
fun to sing:  Sex"  and "Period songs that are fun to sing:  Drinking".  
Basically, any topic is fair game.  :)

Songwriting in Period:  An overview of 16th century music theory, discussion 
of appropriate ornamentation.  Learn which poetical styles and modern 
devices/cliches to avoid.

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