minstrel: DO NOT OPEN SNOW WHITE!!!!

Siobhan ! windsong_03 at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 12 18:56:16 PST 2001

Hello. My name is Siobhan, and I normally lurk, but hey, change is a good 
thing. I'm being really late about this, and I might be saying what someone 
already has, because I'm cleaning up my email account after a long period of 
inactivity (read pc malfunction). But I just wanted to say that while the 
warning was not directly related to the list, it was related to email, and 
email you can get from other lists. This matters since most of the people I 
know subscribe to multiple lists. I know realize that I've been rambling, so 
I'll come to a point. I got the Snow White virus in my inbox, just said Snow 
White, the Real Story, and I have friends who like to send me that kind of 
stuff all the time, so I was going to open it. Then I got the warnings from 
this list, and deleted it. This was the only list that sent out warnings 
from my little menagerie. So I just thought I'd put my two cents in, I think 
that virus warnings, in moderation, ah-hem, are a good thing. Now, back to 
the shadows with me. Blessed be,


>This is a mailing list about minstrels, performance, and the SCA. The
>virus in question was not sent to this list. Do not use this list to
>distribute virus warnings unless they are relevant; i.e. the virus was
>posted to this list. It's extremely unlikely any virus would get
>posted to the list do to the anti-spam and mime-eating software that
>runs it.
>-- Gregory Blount

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