minstrel: Violin Questions

Svana Eiríksdóttir svana_e at qwest.net
Mon Jan 8 10:31:57 PST 2001

Is there a good place to find out the differences in the bows?  I'm getting
ready to re-learn the violin and am curious to see how they differ.

Svana Eiríksdóttir
"Life follows art; words can grow teeth and eat tigers."

> -----Original Message-----
> > Okay, I know that the Violin as we know it is out of period,
> and that its
> > better known precursors are late period at best...
> Well, it's essentially in its modern form by 1580, although bows were
> a bit different back then. And the nice thing about it is that you can
> get a cheap one for much less than a viol da gamba or rebec or
> medieval/renaissance fiddle or what have you. So if you're limited by
> $$, a violin is a good choice.
> If you'd like to look at the earlier instruments, there are a bunch of
> early music stores that do mail order.
> -- Gregory Blount

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