minstrel: Merriest of the season!

Katie harwood darkangelsdoom at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 23 16:43:47 PST 2000

My Lords, Ladies and Ambiguities,

Considering that minstrel is fairly slow during the Christmas period, i'm 
hoping that people won't take this as an intrusion on their already 
straining e-mail space.

Meryy Christmas/Yule/Midsummer/Hannukah etc. etc. etc. to all Minstrelites, 
lurkers and fanatics alike. May we continue to grow in the Dream next year 
and for years to come!

By the way, Signy, if you are reading this, could you please send me that 
site for 'Now I see' again? I deleted it by accident. Thanx

I remain-
Yours in service of the Dream,

Shire of Agaricus, Principality of Lochac, Kingdom of the West.
Sometime Bard, sometime Fighter, all the time trouble!

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