minstrel: Re: Leucum's London q's

Carol Wood woodharp at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 16 22:18:31 PST 2000

Dear Leucum:

Lucky you!  It's been so long since I was in London that I don't remember 
much about bookstores there, other than that there are loads of wonderful 
ones that specialize in all kinds of areas.  Hope someone else can help you 
on that score.  I do know that the Brain Boru harp is in the library of 
Trinity College, in Dublin.  However, the V&A does have a fine collection of 
antique musical instruments, including some harps, I think.  You will love 
the collection of Celtic antiquities at the British Museum, too.

Carol Wood

>Is the Brian Boru harp located at the V&A or the British Museum, or
>elsewhere?  Are there other historical harps to visit?

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