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Cynthia J Ley cley at juno.com
Thu Dec 14 12:43:37 PST 2000

Are you looking for a songbook for the musician in your life? A second
edition of my music book, CANON FODDER, is now available. The volume 
has received rave reviews from satisfied customers.  If you are 
interested, read on. If not, forgive the intrusion, and thank you for

  				yours in service,
 					Arlys O Gordon, O.L., An Tir
 by Mistress Arlys o Gordon (Cynthia J. Ley)
 Second Edition
 DESCRIPTION: 79 pages, 8 1/2 x 11, pre-drilled for insertion into
 standard 3-ring binder. Comfortably fills 3/4" notebook.
 CONTENTS: Historic, teaching, and source notes; 40 period rounds, 2
 catches, and one round set by the editor; 5 Renaissance works and one
 original setting using imitative polyphony as a next step up from
 source list. Teaching and performance tips given throughout, as well as
 theory notes written for non-theoreticians. All songs date roughly from
 1600 to 1652, with the exception of an original setting.
 COVER: Cover is available in 3 colored paper stocks:
  	Fiber - Dusty Rose
  	Fiber - Purple
  	Fiber - Blue
 Otherwise, colors limited to stock on hand. Default color is Dusty Rose,
 unless specified by customer.
 COST: Orders up to 10 copies are $10 each; orders of 10 copies or more
 are $9 each.
 SHIPPING AND HANDLING: $2.00 on single orders, sent first class. S&h
 costs for quantity orders will be discussed at time of order. Priority
 mailing is available upon request. Turn around time from receipt of
 payment is about 1 week.
 PAYMENT: All orders must be pre-paid. Sorry, no CODs. All orders will be
 shipped within a week of recieving payment. Cash or check , or money
 orders accepted; we are not equipped for credit cards.
 To order, contact Arlys or Cynthia: Cley at juno.com, or write Cynthia Ley,
 809 SE 114th Place, Portland, OR 97216. Please specify cover color 

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