minstrel: Lady of Lochac - Location error

Ric Koval ric.koval at mnsu.edu
Wed Dec 13 07:13:34 PST 2000

Thank-you, you are absolutely right...being still wet behind the ears
SCA wise and trying to figure out my place in the world so-to-speak, I
should not try for more detail that I'm sure of!  My apologies; no
offense meant, just ignorance and confussion. (See Sig)
(Thank you for the compliment, also, M'lady)

>At your service and that to the Dreame, I remain, Rychard Dustefete; 
>far traveled and near sighted.
>           Shire of Rivenwood Tower,  Barony of Northshield, Midrealm
>           (Lake Crystal, MN) (Minneapolis and then some) (Well, Midrealm)

Careful Rychard, confusing the PRINCIPALITY of the Northshield and Barony
of Nordskogen can be construed as a political statement.  ;)

Cute poem, though.


                                     With apologies to Occam:
                      Hanlon's Razor:  Never attribute to malice 
             that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.

                                 ric.koval at mankato.msus.edu

                          No, I don't teach...I'm in maintenance.

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