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Katie harwood darkangelsdoom at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 11 19:43:00 PST 2000

Good Gentles (particularly Ric, Lisa and Ken),

Thank you for your kind replies.
As requested, here is a copy of A Lady of Lochac-

A Lady of Lochac

When you wake up in the morning and your body feels like lead,
'Cause you spent the night carousing 'stead of going straight to bed,
Who's the one that saves the herald from the boot that you would throw?
It's your sweet and gentle lady who was up an hour ago.

When you're late in getting armoured and inspections almost due,
and you're struggling with your laces and your snaps and buttons too,
Who's the one who snaps and buckles you into your chain and plate?
It's your swift and skillful lday who makes sure you won't be late.

Whe the herald calls the matchings and your sweat begins to pour,
(You're not afraid, it's just that you've never fought a Duke before)
Who's the one who blows a kiss at you and waves you to the fight?
It's your brave and loyal lady who believes you'll beat a knight.

When the battle is a bridge fight and your friends around have died,
And you scream and charge ahead, to find you've reached the other side,
Who's that voice you hear a-cheering as you face foes all around?
It's your shy and quiet lady who is making all that sound.

And when the battle's over and the fighting's done and through,
And your helm is sort of dented and your thigh is black and blue,
Who's the one who brings you water and who helps you from the field?
It's your kind and helpful lady who is carrying your shield.

And when the day is finished and you're beaten once again,
and you know it's 'cause the foes you battled were the better men,
Who's the one who holds you tightly as you weakly drop your sword?
It's your dear and loving lady who's still proud that you're her lord.

So, you men of Lochac, all you warriors so bold,
Raise a cup to those among us who are worth their weight in gold,
Be they delicate, or buxom, be their shading rose or cream,
To the Lochac Ladies! To the best part of the Dream!

As you can see, I have 'borrowed' heavily from the above poem, but it has 
been said that 'bad writers borrow and good ones steal'

It's written for use in the Principality of Lochac (i.e- Australia) as is 
it's partner, but both can be easily tweaked so they can be sung anywhere.

In answer to Ken and Lisa's query, basically i wanted comments on rhythm, 
measure, compatibility with it's partner, etc. etc.

Thank you for your aid, and for the help with the names.
I remain-

In your service,

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