minstrel: Performing Anglo-Saxon music

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Hi.  When I was in college (years ago, but I won't say how many) we used
Bruce Mitchell's text.  Amazon says it's still in print:

A Guide to Old English
                     by Bruce Mitchell

                                 Our Price: $36.95
Paperback 5th edition (November 1991)
                     Blackwell Pub; ISBN: 0631166572

He's also got this one available:

An Invitation to Old English and Anglo-Saxon England
                     by Bruce Mitchell

                     Our Price: $35.95

Paperback - 352 pages (January 1995)
Blackwell Pub; ISBN: 0631174362 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.25 x 8.93 x 5.98

You may be able to find one of these used or in your local public or
academic library.  The pronunciation is not difficult.  I'd suggest the
following for reading:
Poems and Prose from the Old English
                     by Burton Raffel (Editor), Alexandra
                     Hennessey Olsen (Editor)

                                Our Price: $17.00
Paperback - 273 pages (February 1998)
                     Yale Univ Pr; ISBN: 0300069952 ; Dimensions (in
inches): 0.73 x 9.11 x 5.41

Alexandra Olsen was one of my professors, which is why I feel confident in
recommending this volume though I've not actually seen it in person.

As far as performance goes, a lyre accompaniment would be appropriate, but
what precisely that means is difficult to say.  I'd suggest simple melodic


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Do any of you have any information on performing Anglo-Saxon poetry in
period style? Any information on Anglo-Saxon pronunciation/inflection would
be most appreciated as well.

Jacob Yonwin

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