minstrel: Lords of Lochac/Lady

Ric Koval ric.koval at mnsu.edu
Mon Dec 11 06:54:17 PST 2000

Mi' Lady,

Your poetry inspired me thus
To write to you this day
To inquire for the rest of us
A boon upon us lay

Your words are from the lady's view
Refering to the Lord
Where might we find the masters hue
Tha' brightly color'd chord

To have them both in just one place
Would be a marv'lous thing
With your permission, by your grace
Two could make both sing

Plying each 'long with the other
A couple could perform
Enhancing both and not to smother
Romance as the norm

Blushed I was, and fairly taken
By versing O, So sweet
Your labors ma'am have surely maken
Poetry food to eat

At your service and that to the Dreame, I remain, Rychard Dustefete; 
far traveled and near sighted.
               Shire of Rivenwood Tower,  Barony of Northshield,      
                    (Lake Crystal, MN)       (Minneapolis and then
some)   (Well, Midrealm)        

P.S. I did a quick search and could not find the poem on which you
based this marvelous work. If you could point me in the right
direction, I would be in your debt...Ric...
P.P.S. If you cannot tell, I loved your work...R...


                                     With apologies to Occam:
                      Hanlon's Razor:  Never attribute to malice 
             that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.

                                 ric.koval at mankato.msus.edu

                          No, I don't teach...I'm in maintenance.

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