minstrel: Lords of Lochac

Katie harwood darkangelsdoom at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 9 15:32:39 PST 2000

Greetings gentles all!

I have written the female equivalent of 'A lady of Lochac'
I would like your opinions. Please be as critical as you like!

When you've been up since sunrise, preparing for a feast,
and you still have much to do before you are released
Who's the one that stands beside you, when in bed he might have laid?
It's your skilled and helpful lord that is there to give you aid.

When you're presented to the baron, and you curtsey deep and low,
and then you lose your balance, and on the floor you almost go,
who's the one that helps you up when you want to run and hide?
It's your sympathetic lord, who's still proud you're at his side.

When your honour is insulted by a drunk and brutish knight,
and the things that he's suggesting would put a lass to flight,
Who's the one that calls the challenge, after fighting all the day?
It's your noble, loyal lord that gamely jumps into the fray.

And when the knight is beaten, his words still hurt you so,
and ye seek a place of solace and you know not where to go
Who's the one beside you as you unburden all your fears?
It's your caring, loving lord that wipes away your tears.

And when the bards come marching in to entertain the throng,
and they hold the crowd enthralled with many a pretty song,
who's the one to put them all to shame, with his voice so pure and true?
It's your poet-hearted lord as he sings in praise of you

When you've been up since sunrise, and the night is closing in,
and you're feeling overwhelmed by the feasting noise and din,
who's the one that's there to hold you, just as you're about to fall?
It's your sweet and gentle lord who escorts you from the hall.

And so, my noble ladies, let us raise a glass to all our men,
who love each one of us so much, as dearly we love them!
Although they think they're oh-so tough as they bear their shields and
their hearts are made of gold- Here's to all the Lochac Lords!!

Thank ye. I remain-
in your various services,
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