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Thanks for your speedy response, I have no words at all, I only have a
description off the play or musical, this is what I found on the Internet,
I read somewhere sometime about this song but I cannot remember where.

Mercenary Mary
Book and lyrics by William B. Friedlander & Isabel Leighton. Music by Con
Conrad & William B. Friedlander based on Herbert Hall Winslow and Emil
Nyatray's farce What's Your Wife Doing?
Theatre Royal, Drury Lane 1925 (262 perfs.)
Chris and Mary Skinner had married despite the objections of Chris's
grandfather. They fear he will disinherit them so they decide to stage a
divorce, get back in the will, and then quietly remarry. Chris's friend,
Jerry, agrees, for a fee, to play co-respondent in his apartment. Mary is so
nervous she drinks too much and almost spoils everything, but grandfather
relents and all ends well.
    Beautiful Baby
    Charleston mad
    Cherchez la Femme
    Come Along, Everything's Going To Be All Right
    Honey, I'm In Love With You
    I Want To Be A Chaste Woman
    I'm A Little Bit Fonder
    Just You & I & Baby
    Over the Garden Wall
    That's When a Fellow Needs a Friend
    They Still Look Good To Me
    Tomorrow (based on Chopin's Nocturne #12)

Liesbeth van Gool
egevil van Gnantwerp
egevil at village.uunet.be

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> I think Mercenary Mary was a song in a musical of the same title by Isabel
> Leighton in 1925...I'm not familiar with the musical and unfortunately
> have the music.  If you can tell me some of the lyrics I can check to see
> they belong to older songs I'm familiar with.  Good luck in your search.
> Constance Fairfax

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