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Tue Nov 21 14:30:30 PST 2000

I have sitting in my lap several books published by Dover Press, which
are a wealth of 16th and early 17th century music.  

Elizabeth Rogers, Hir Virginall Booke--112 Choice Pieces For Harpsichord
by Byrd, Gibbons, Laws, and Others.
Edited by Charles J.F. Cofone
ISBN 0-486-23138-0

My Ladye Nevellls Booke of Virginal Music
William Byrd
Edited by Hilda Andrews
ISBN 0-486-22246-2

The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, Vols. 1&2
Edited by J.A. Fuller Maitland and W. Barclay Squire
ISBN 0-486-21068-5

There is a wealth of material in these books, in modern notation for
keyboard, although it is fairly simple to arrange the pieces for other
instruments or instrument consort.  I also like the amount of information
given about the manuscripts themselves and their provenance and about
music performance and notation during the time.

I have no idea if these are still in print; I've had mine since the early
1980's, but Dover's usually really good about keeping things printed.  I
think they're on line, but I know they have a paper catalog, and you can
often find or order them through your local bookstore.

Melusine d'Argent
(who's now going to go play harpsichord, now that I've found these
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