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On Wed, 15 Nov 2000 21:30:54 -0500 (EST) Fred Ross <fred at horace.ls.net>
> If the mandolin you're getting for Christmas has a back and 
> belly connected by sides perpendicular to them, then it's a 
> style barely a hundred years old, but which has, due to 
> marketing, nearly taken over in the US.  In Europe
> you don't see them much, just the round backs.

It's a "flat-back" A-style mandolin, 8 strings -- OOP, but I'm content
with that.

> As for guitars, I don't know how far back the Baroque guitar 
> goes, but it may reach just into period as well.  This was a 
> much smaller instrument, with a body narrower in proportion, 
> and (of course) a shorter neck.

Do you know what the tuning was for it? While I don't have the money to
spend on the actual baroque guitar, it may be possible get a smaller
guitar for learning the instrument and the music.

> Believe it or not, the repertoire of Elizabethan song is as lively 
> as any of the filk I've encountered, and usually a lot prettier.  
> Vocalists still perform early music a lot, so good manuscripts 
> and editions are (fairly) readily available.  Dowland's First, 
> Second, and Third books of  Ayres and Songs are a good place 
> to start.  For examples of songs that would  go over very well with 
> almost any audience, listen to Emma Kirkby and Anthony
> Rooney's album 'Time Stands Still', which I recommend on purely 
> musical merits as well.

Ah! I'll see if they're available, or can be ordered, in my area.

And don't get me wrong -- I love filk music, and I love the
"SCA-Contemporary" music that has been written, and so do a lot of the
people in this area. I guess I don't want to limited to a strictly modern
repetoire, but I don't know what resources are available. I'd love to see
some of the Goliardic music -- but I have no clue where it's been
published, and my local resources aren't the best.

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