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Taliesin of Earthstar taliesin_o at juno.com
Wed Nov 15 03:43:49 PST 2000

All this talk of musical instruments has got me thinking about something.
And as I'm a relative "newbie," if I'm covering "well-ploughed ground" I

In the area of period music and period music instruments, my knowledge is
lacking. I couldn't tell a violin from a bowed psaltery from a rebec, and
from what I understand the rebec is the only one within SCA-period. I've
seen a modern-made Welsh-style crwth that was strung/fretted/tuned like a
banjo, and I've seen those "lute-shaped guitars" that some people object
to so much. Indeed, I couldn't tell you if the mandolin I'm getting for
Christmas is anywhere near a period style.

Yet I also have seen people in the SCA get bored and walk away from songs
like "Twa Corbies" and "Agincourt Carole," yet sit entranced by such
perennial favorites as "Bored on the List-field" and "Beer, Cold Beer."
Yes, there is, and will always be, an audience for strictly period music
with strictly period instrumentation, but I guess I wonder how large the
gap is between "popular" and "period" music.

Justin W. Eiler / Madog Hir, the "Wannabard"
taliesin_o <AT> juno.com

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