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Tim Connor timcon at flash.net
Tue Nov 14 21:15:00 PST 2000

Well, by the strict definition it is a plucked psaltery.  Not exactly a period
one, but as close as most instruments used at SCA events get.  My daughter has
one--it sounds pretty good if you can get it tuned right (each string serves two
courses--it goes from the tuning peg around a pin and back to another tuning peg.
Makes tuning a bit tricky sometimes).  It's soft, but the tone isn't bad and it's
easy to play.  I'd say go for it, but I'm a liberal.

Tadhg O Cuileannain

Monica Hultin wrote:

> Good Gentles,
> I was wondering if anyone could give me an opinion on the follwoing item.
> I have noticed for the past few years in stores selling children's
> educational toys an instrument called the "Music Maker".  It is trapezoidal
> in shape, metal strung and meant to be plucked.  I was wondering if this
> instrument could be used to approximate a plucked psaltry.
> Its advantage is it is readily available in large centres, not too
> expensive, (about $50 Canadian), can be used to accompany singing, and can
> even be put on one's wish list for mundane relatives.  Although I am
> thinking of adult use, it can be a used by children looking for an
> instrument besides recorder to play at events .  I believe it did get very
> good reviews from those who review children's "toys" when it first came out.
> Opinions please?
> Monika
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