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Taliesin of Earthstar taliesin_o at juno.com
Tue Nov 7 19:00:18 PST 2000

On Tue, 7 Nov 2000 07:47:43 +0000 Cynthia J Ley <cley at juno.com> writes:
> Does anyone have any websites for folksongs that they'ld like to 
> share?
> The more period, the better.

Many of the Child Ballads listed at www.childballads.com (that address
may be wrong) are within late Period. If the other address is wrong, see
the links from http://www.contemplator.com/folk.html .

Cantaria (www.chivalry.com/cantaria) has a few pre-1600 songs, and Joe
Bethancourt's site (www.locksley.com) two or three.

Goliardic songs can be found by searching the web for Carmina Burana --
as long as you do something to skip Orff's name in the search. Try the
text between the angle-brackets in your favorite search engine: ["Carmina
Burana" NOT Orff]

Justin W. Eiler / Madog Hir, the "Wannabard"
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